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Have you been living in Switzerland for a few months? Discover the different services existing in our country: insurances, loans, mortgages, ect.
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If you have been living in Switzerland for only a few months, you have probably some questions regarding: social insurances, mortgages, residence permits, etc. In this page you will find some useful information concerning some of these services. Have a look at it!

Living in Switzerland and residence permits

If you have been living in Switzerland for more than 3 months, your employer must ask for a residence permitin the Federal Office Migrations. Depending on the duration of your stay he will either request a B, C, L, or G permit.


Are you looking for a mortgage to purchase a real estate? We can propose you to get in touch with a financial counselor. This person will help you to constitute a mortgage file and will direct you towards the bank that will offer you the best mortgage deal. Feel free to visit our other pages related to mortgages and request a free offer towards a specialist.

The social insurances in Switzerland

Social insurances in Switzerland can be very confusing for a person who has just moved in to our country. Also we are providing you with some explanations for some of them:

Swiss banks

Switzerland distinguishes itself by its numerous banks. Banks will allow you to open a bank account, request a loan or even invest your money. If you don't know how to approach one of these various services, don't hesitate to ask for the help of a specialist. He will be glad to provide you with some advice.

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