Declare yourself insolvent: personal bankruptcy

Are you facing financial problems and you wish to submit a personal bankruptcy application? Get some help from an expert and increase your chances!
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Insolvency declaration
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In Switzerland, a personal bankruptcy is a procedure that aims to declare yourself "insolvent". Do you have debts or financial problems? Are you thinking about this alternative? We can inform you and advise you if you need it!

Advantages of declaring yourself insolvent

By choosing to declare yourself insolvent, and if a judge recognizes your bankruptcy, you can benefit from a special treatment that will help you start fresh again! Let's have a look:

The legal procedure

In order to declare a personal bankruptcy, you have to fill in a legal form and present it to a judge. It is important to take great care of this application because conditions are very strict. Therefore, we advise you to benefit from a specialist's help!

Our offer

We are finance experts and we actively fight against indebtedness. If you are facing financial problems and you wish to submit a personal bankruptcy application, we can help you!

Free and confidential

We can offer you a free and confidential meeting with one of our advisers in debt relief. He will be able to help you with your application, in order to increase your chances of acceptation.

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