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The pledge is a real security. It could be for example shares in a company, a business capital or an insurance life contract. How to use this type of guarantee with your business partners?

The advantages of a guarantee for the debtor

The pledge is a non-possessor pledge. The debtor keeps the ownership and the use of the pledge's good. It means that the debtor can continue to use the pledge good and win financial benefits.

What is the use of a pledge?

The pledge is used to reimburse a debt or to finance a good. In the first case, a company can proceed to the pledge of a part of its chattel to guarantee the payment of its debt. If it can't pay its creditor, the creditor can ask for the sale of the pledge.

Or with a pledge you can access to a credit. The bank asks the debtor to pledge a part of its goods as a guarantee.

What is the scope of this guarantee?

The pledge established by a contract pledge concerns the integral and accessories parts of the object. The pledge finishes when the debt obligation is totally paid.

In case of non payment, the creditor has access to capital with the conventional interests, the costs of proceedings and the moratorium interests.

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