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The product owner is the mandatary of a project. It can choose to work with a general contractor or with prime contractors.

What are the consequences if the product owner chooses to work with a general contractor?

The product owner is only in contact with the general contractor. The general contractor can engage subcontractors to achieve the construction work that are necessary for the final result.

The product owner establishes a contract only with the general contract and doesn't care of the subcontractors. It facilitates the contract relationships of the product owner.

What are the consequences if the product owner chooses to work with prime contractor?

The product owner has to establish different contracts. He has to make a contract with each of the prime contractors. It burdens the administrative charges!

The product owner has to conclude the necessary guarantees with all the partners. It can be difficult if the product owner chooses a lot of prime contractors.

Which guarantees are generally concluded in the construction area?

It depends on the work. It's current to make a bid bond when the product owner has to invest money to start the work. When two companies make an exchange of merchandise, it's normal to establish a delivery guarantee.

The guarantees are the solution to secure the commercial relationships between the mandatary and the trustee. Everyone is certain to have the benefits defined by the guarantee contract.

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