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Bank/alternative investment
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If Switzerland is famous for its banks and regarded as an important financial place, the numerous investment opportunities to individuals can be complex to understand. Is it better to turn to investment banks, or other opportunities like alternative investments? The choice of course depends on many factors, which does not facilitate it. For this reason, seek a specialist who will advise you. We offer you a solution.

Investment banks

In Switzerland, almost all banks will offer investment solutions. The difficulty is to choose the best: which investment bank should be chosen in a country where the number of banks is so high? Once the bank is selected, which offer will best match your expectations? These questions are even more difficult considering that your choice will determine the profitability of your investment.

Alternative investments

Furthermore, if you don't want an investment bank, what are the possible alternative investments? A 3rd pillar? Investing in Real Estate? There are many opportunities for alternative investments in Switzerland and choosing the best can be quite difficult as there are many factors. Many people make the mistake to chose alternative investments that are not adapted to their situation. For that reason, calling a counselor can be very profitable.

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With Credit-service, you have the opportunity to get help from a specialist. Simply complete our form: a specialist will call you as soon as possible and help you regarding investment banks and alternative investments based on your situation. This is completely free and does not commit you to anything!

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