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Portfolio management involves specialized knowledge. That's why we offer free advice from a professional fund manager. Ask now for a free non-binding offer.
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Are you looking for an active management solution? Finding a good fund manager, with a good portfolio management strategy is not always simple. Many banks in Switzerland offer portfolio management possibilities. The main difficulty is to choose the right institution that will correspond to your expectations. At Credit-service, we offer the possibility to be contacted by a fund manager for free.

Portfolio management

There are types of financial assets that can form a portfolio. Portfolio managing involves the careful selection of stocks, bonds and cash to buy and sell. It is possible of course to manage it alone, but many people prefer to leave their portfolio management to a specialist. In fact, good management requires specialized knowledge and a high availability in order to take quick decisions.

Ask a fund manager

A fund manager is a professional in portfolio management. He can manage your assets and make sure that your investment will evolve in the right direction. Are you interested to get in touch with a fund manager? With Credit-service, you can be contacted by an expert simply by filling in our online form. You can get answers to your questions and receive a free non-binding offer.

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Would you like to be contacted as soon as possible by a fund manager concerning your portfolio management? Fill in our online secured form now!

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