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If you want to rent a flat or a house in Switzerland, you need to pay a rent guarantee. You can do it trough a bank deposit or you can make it with an insurance company.

Why does the owner require a rent assurance?

The rent guarantee is a guarantor for the risk of rent default payments or in case of damage induced by the lessee. It's a protection to be sure that the lessee will take care of the housing and will pay the rent every month.

How much do you pay for an assurance?

In Switzerland, the rent guarantee for a housing is a sum of three month's rent. It can be difficult to have this total amount of money available! For example, if your rent is 2,000.- CHF per month, your rent guarantee will consist of 6,000.- CHF.

How to conclude an assurance?

It's possible to make your rent guarantee trough a bank deposit. The money is locked up in a bank account during the leasing period of your flat or house. You can't use this money for other projects.

If you don't have the money for the rent guarantee, you can ask your family or your friends. They can be the guarantor of your rent. But it's never good to mix money and private relationships. Therefore, it's possible to choose an insurance company that offers this service.

The insurance company is the guarantor of your rent against a payment of an annual premium. The annual premium represents 4% of the total amount of the rent guarantee per year. With this solution, you don't have to lock up your cash and you can use it for the projects of your choice.

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If you are interested in concluding a rent guarantee with an insurance company, you can contact us. One of our advisers will contact you and will propose you an adapted solution.

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