Capital transmission

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Capital transmission
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What do you have to consider if you want to transmit your business capital? What are the rules?


A business capital includes all the physical and intangible elements that are necesarry for the operation of a commercial activity. The physical elements are the goods or the furniture and the intangible elements are for example the customers or the lease contract.

The advantages of a transmission

Finding a new owner for a business capital is an opportunity for the holder and for its customers. The holder avoids the merchandise's destocking and the customers continue to find the same products at their disposal.

It's beneficial that a business for which a business owner has invested time and money continues. The investments in materials are thus preserved because they are transmitted to the new owner. It's free to renew the material included in the delivery of the business capital.

Business capital and rent guarantee

The lease is transmitted to the new owner when the business capital is remitted, but not the bank guarantee. The old owner gives back the money of the bank guarantee if it concludes a contract rent guarantee with a bank.

If the guarantee has made with an insurance company, the old holder gives back the pro rata sum of its premiums, if the insurance company offers this possibility.

In case of damage, the repair costs are taken in charge by the rent guarantee of the old owner.

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