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Commercial lease
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The commercial lease is a contract for commercial locations. In this case, the lease includes the rental of the side surfaces like the parking places or the space for depot and exposition. What are the conditions of establishment of a commercial lease and how to obtain it easily?

Terms and conditions

The commercial lease is a specific contract established for commercial surfaces. A commercial location is necessary to the exploitation of a business. The commercial locations are generally offices, shops, restaurants, depots, medical offices... Be careful, if an apartment is rented with a focus on professional activities but the owner is not informed, it's not a commercial lease.

For example, in case of a house the owner requires the payment of a rent guarantee. The rent guarantee is generally a sum between three and six months of rent. Thus, it's an important cost for a business in development! To avoid blocking liquidity it's possible to make a rent guarantee with an insurance company.

How to have a rent guarantee without blocking liquidity?

To finalize the contract of commercial lease, it's necessary to deposit a rent guarantee. It's possible to make it through a bank account. This solution forces to lock up money during the duration of the commercial lease.

You can also ask an insurance company that proposes solutions for rent guarantees! With this solution you just have to pay an annual premium of 4%. The premium is calculated from the total amount of the rent guarantee. A rent guarantee with an insurance company allows you to keep money for investments rather than locking them up in a bank account.

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