Rights and obligations of owners and lessees

To know more about Swiss rent guarantees, you need to learn more about the law. Get information on rights and obligations of owners and lessees!
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Owners and lessees
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As lessees do you know your rights and duties towards the owners? And do you know the obligations of the lessors towards the tenants? The rules that regulate contracts avoid abuse and protect the two parties involved in the renting of a real estate.

The rights and duties of lessees

The article 257 and the following of the Swiss Code des Obligations recap the rules that lessees have to respect towards the owners. It concerns in particular the next points:

We recommend you to consult the Code des Obligations when you establish a lease. You will be sure that you won't make any mistakes and that you will avoid the litigation with the owner of the real estate.

The obligations of the owners

The owners have obligations towards the lessees. You can find these obligations in the article 256 and following of the Swiss Code des Obligations. Here are the following obligations:

It's important for a lessee that the owner respects the rights and duties that are determined by the law.

Rent guarantee: maximal amount

The maximal amount of money for a rent guarantee of a housing corresponds to three months of rent. For a commercial lease, there is no maximal amount. Don't forget to check the terms and conditions of the return of the rent guarantee by the owner when you leave a housing.

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