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The taxation is the set of laws, regulations and measures governing the taxation of a country. More simply, it allows the state to collect taxes and compulsory public contributions.

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What are the elements subject to tax?

In Switzerland, the income, the wealth, the financial capital and the real estate are subject to tax. If you have a lot of assets, filling your tax return can easily become a headache! Whether you are private individual or a company, we can offer our help in this process. Our services are also useful to get the maximum deduction on your tax return!

The scale of taxes

The taxes are paid by all households and companies in Switzerland as soon as the income tax is reached. The scale of federal taxes in Switzerland is the same for all. While it varies for cantonal and municipal taxes.

What are the compulsory public contributions?

The compulsory public contributions are the social insurances that the state imposes in Switzerland:

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