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What are the factors that impact the price of a dental implant? How to reduce the cost of such a dental treatment?

What is an implant?

The dental implant is an artificial root that is anchored to the jaw bone and on which a crown is placed. It is placed in case of an extracted tooth or an extracted root canal tooth.

It is composed of a titanium screw that emerges from the gum and that supports a tooth or a tooth prosthesis. Its length can vary between 10 and 15 mm and has a 3 or a 5 mm widht.

How does an implant intervention look like?

The intervention has a duration of one or two hours. It depends on the number of implants. It is performed under local anesthesia. The gum is incised and the dental implant is anchored to the jaw bone. The gum is closed around the implant in a way that the screw exceeds the gum.

Then the osseointegration allows the bone to colonize the dental implant in a period of time between 2 or 4 months. A provisional prosthesis can be fixed during this period. Finally, the fixation of the dental implant finalizes the implantation process.

What is the price of an implant?

It's an important dental treatment because it necessitates the opening of the gingiva and the fixation of a high quality material. The dental implant, without the dental prosthesis costs an amount between 1,000 CHF and 1,500 CHF. The price of a dental implant with a prosthesis can vary between 2,000 CHF and 3,500 CHF.

The price varies according to the importance of the case, the duration of the intervention and the region. We just give you a price example to show you an estimate.

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