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Dental crowns
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What is exactly a dental crown? How much does a dental crown cost? Are there solutions to minimize the costs for the implantation of dental crowns?

What is a dental crown?

The dental crown is the part of the tooth that exceeds the gum. By extension, this term nominates the prosthetic crown that protects an alive tooth (non-devitalized). The prosthetic dental crown protects the tooth from new aggression and avoids its extraction.

It's thus possible to benefit from the implantation of a dental crown when the tooth is too damaged after an important decay for example or for aesthetic reasons.

The material that forms the dental crown can change: ceramic, cobalt-chrome, nickel-chrome or precious metal. The ceramic and precious metal crowns are more adapted against the allergy. In certain cases, when the tooth must be extracted, it's necessary to put an implant and a dental crown.

How much does the implantation of a dental crown cost?

The price depends on the chosen material. It's cheaper, but less aesthetic, to opt for metal crowns.. Often, the patient chooses metal crowns for the back teeth.

The life extension of a crown is almost ten years. With a good maintenance, they can live longer.

In Switzerland, a crown costs an amount between 1,300 CHF and 3,500 CHF. The price depends on the type of the chosen crown, from the area or if you need an implant with a crown.

How to minimize the costs and offer you the best treatment?

Healthy teeth turn into a beautiful smile! To profit from the best dental delivery without worrying about the prices, we recommend you to subscribe to a complementary dental insurance. If you want to obtain more information about this subject, don't hesitate to contact us with the below form.

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