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There exists different types of dentures. There is a variation in prices and coverage of dentures with dental insurances.

Removable and complete denture

The removable and complete denture is a denture that replaces the natural teeth with an imitation. To obtain a complete denture, you need to spend at least 10,000 CHF. It represents an important charge, but it's sometimes necessary. It's then judicious to have a good dental insurance to cover a part of the costs.

Partial dentures

A partial denture replaces one or more teeth for the purpose to improve the phonetic, the chewing and the aesthetic. It's a metal structure surmounted by hooks to maintain the partial denture in the mouth of the patient.

It's difficult to estimate the cost of a partial denture because it depends on the numbers of the teeth that it replaces. It can be an amount of money between 5,000 CHF and 10,000 CHF.

The dental crown

The dental crown fully recovers the tooth. It's directly put on the concerned tooth. The fixation of a crown costs generally 1,200 CHF. In principle, if the patient has a good dental insurance, he can save 50% of the costs for a dental crown.

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