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Tooth extraction
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A tooth extraction is a necessary care when a tooth is too damaged. As a patient you have certainly an apprehension if you have to suffer a tooth extraction. But with the actual dental resources this care is an ordinary operation.

Why does the dentist need to extract a tooth?

When a tooth is too damaged, infected or when it disturbs the other theeth, the dentist needs to extract a tooth.

Is the tooth extraction painful?

Actually, with the medical progress this care is less painful for the patients! The dentist anesthetizes the area around the concerned tooth and after it starts its effect, he begins with the extraction.

In some dental centers or dental offices, in addition of the anesthesia, there are screen tvs or music in headphones to distract the patients during the operation.

What is the process of a tooth extraction?

The dentist has to prepare the operating field with the sterilization of the medical instruments, the operating field and the patient's mouth. Then the dentist makes a local anesthesia to sedate the nerve.

After the anesthesia, the dentist starts the tooth's extraction. In certain cases, the dentist has just to tear the tooth and in other situations it's necessary to open the gum before the extraction.

After the extraction, it could be necessary to make stitches. It's useful when the dentist has opened the gum.

How long is the healing process?

The healing process takes 2 or 3 weeks. In this time the patient could feel pain. Thus, the dentist prescribes anti-inflammatory to the patient after a tooth extraction.

Do you have a dental insurance?

The dental insurance is a useful insurance because the basic health insurance does not take in charge the dental fees (only in case of accident or specific illness)! With a dental insurance, you can minimize the costs of all the dental care, like the tooth extraction. So you soften your dental visit with a minimization of your costs.

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