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Offer the best care to your pet in case of disease or accident! Discover our pet insurance, for example you can cover a cat starting from 9,95 CHF / month.
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Pet insurance
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A pet insurance is useful for all the pet owners! In case of disease or accident, it covers the veterinary costs for your animal.

Why a pet insurance?

An animal coverage reduces the costs for care in case of disease or accident. It allows to offer quickly the best care to your animal. In some cases, it's compulsory to pay a deposit before your animal will be taken in charge. An adapted insurance will help you to manage easily the costs.

The pet insurance covers the veterinary care, the emergency transportation, the stay at the veterinary clinic and the drug treatments. It allows to tend your animal at the best conditions without financial problems.

Don't trust the health of your pet to the state of your finances!

Veterinary costs are important in case of illness or accident. Sometimes, some owners abandon a treatment because they have a lack in their financial resources. That is why Credit-service offers insurance solutions for your pet.

For example you can ensure your cat for 9,95 CHF / month or your dog for 19,90 CHF / month. This will allow you to react quickly and effectively provide the best treatment for your domestic companion or your farmed animals.

Are there alternative treatments for animals?

Yes, alternative therapies are also being developed for animals. The homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy and physiotherapy are generally reimbursed.

Do you want to have more information on a pet insurance?

It's with pleasure that we offer you to ensure your pet! Simply fill in the form below. One of our advisers will contact you to propose an offer without commitment to protect the health of your animal.

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