Does a man's best friend need a pet insurance? We believe that yes!

Discover our dog insurances and protect the health of your pet! Don't hesitate to contact Credit-service to obtain a free and non-binding offer.
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Pet insurance for dogs
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A pet insurance for your dog is a good solution to provide him the best care in case of diseases or accidents. Discover our offers!

What does the pet insurance for your dog cover?

The pet insurance for your dog covers a part of the costs in case of diseases or accidents. It contains generally the following services:

Why opt for an insurance for your dog?

The veterinary medicine is growing steadily. The cares and therapies become more complex in order to provide better care for pets. The veterinarians use the new technologies for the surgery, the radiology or for the complementary care.

If you want to provide the best care for your dog, it's recommended to take out an insurance which will enable you to assume health costs of your dog at all times!

An unfortunate accident

Your lively and player dog swallows a foreign object or jumps down from a wall and you are at the vet. Your pet is examined and treated. You are happy because your animal is out of danger. But, after this incident, you discover that the veterinarian costs are important...

Specialist advice

Do not wait too long to get your pet covered, a nasty surprise can be expensive. Contact us via our form and get a free non-binding offer for a dog insurance!

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