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Pet emergency
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The emergency for animals are provided by veterinarian clinics or hospitals. Offering quality care to your pet in emergencies can be expensive. Choosing a pet insurance allows owners to minimize these costs.

The emergency for animals

In case of emergency, you have to contact the veterinarian of your region. He sets an immediate appointment to review as quickly as possible your pet.

It's possible that your pet stays under observation for a few hours at the veterinary clinic. Sometimes, it's necessary to transport your pet in an animal hospital in order to do further analyses.

The veterinary emergency service takes care of your pets quickly and efficiently! But it can lead to high costs for you. It's therefore important to learn about the animal insurance before an incident occurs.

The pet hospital

If your pet needs more tests or specialized care, it will be sent in an animal hospital. In Switzerland, there is in particular the Tierspital in Bern that will be able to take care of:

In the animal hospital, the owners are directly faced with a difficult problem: the financial burden of veterinary care. It's absolutely necessary before your animal receives any treatment to pay in advance a part of the costs. If your pet is insured, managing the advance payments is easier.

Pet insurances: take care of your animal at any time

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