Veterinary hospitals can be sometimes expensive. Credit-service recommends you to have a pet insurance.

How do you pay the care costs and treatment in a veterinary hospital? Discover our animal insurance and offer the best medical therapy to your pets!
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Veterinary hospital
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The veterinary hospital receives your pets in case of emergency and for regular medical treatments. However, giving optimal medical care to your animal is an important financial burden. Therefore, we propose to your pet an insurance!

The veterinary emergencies

A veterinary permanence is maintained for the emergencies in each region of Switzerland. Thus, at any time your animal can be treated. A veterinarian doesn't require an immediate payment for the consultation and the medical analysis. The veterinary emergencies often recommend to leave the animal under observation in the clinic or hospital.

Unfortunately that has a cost. With an insurance coverage for your pet, you don't have to choose between the health of your animal and the health of your finances. Indeed, the coverage takes in charge the reimbursement of veterinary expenses, the stay at the veterinary hospital or clinic, the pharmaceutical treatments or the emergency transportation.

The Tierspital of Bern, a good veterinary hospital!

The serious cases that require advanced technologies, are treated by the animal hospital in Bern. To be sure that your pet will be taken in charge, it's compulsory to pay at least a cash deposit.

In order to allow a payment by installment it is recommended to have a pet insurance. This insures the animal hospital that all the veterinary fees will be paid. Then the payment of the deposit will be more flexible.

The complementary care

According to the selected option, the pet insurance also covers the costs related to the full recovery of your cat. It may repay pharmaceutical treatments as well as alternative therapies performed by a veterinarian. The repaid alternative therapies are generally homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy and physiotherapy.

Obtain more information about pet insurances

In case of interest for a pet insurance, don't hesitate to ask for a free offer via our form!

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