How do you save money for your retirement in Switzerland? Get better at it!

Are you worrying about not having enough money for your retirement in Switzerland? A counselor can give you good tips for saving your money.
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Retirement in Switzerland
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Have you ever thought about saving money for your old days? If it's not the case, we strongly recommend it to you.

Indeed, with life becoming more and more expensive it's sometimes difficult to live only with your pension. We may offer you a free contact with a specialist in retirement in Switzerland.

How does retirement in Switzerland work?

The pension system in Switzerland is organized in three pillars. The first pillar is mandatory for all adults who are living or employed in Switzerland. The state pension system includes Federal Old Age and Survivor's Insurance (AHV / AVS) and Federal Disability Insurance (IV / AI).

The second pillar, known as the occupational pension, is mandatory above a salary of 21,060 CHF per year. The third pillar is the private pension and it's totally free. It's an opportunity to save more money for your pension.

Then it can be difficult to understand the pension system in Switzerland. It's important to plan your pension because the first and the second pillar are generally not enough to live a decent life. The third pillar is a good solution to allow you to have more money for your old days.

Would you like to know more about this delivery? In order to planify your retirement in Switzerland, you should ask an adviser about the different financial options. Do you need a hand? We can help you.

Credit-service is here to give you a hand

Credit-service is here to help you in case of problems. Indeed, for all difficulties that you will encounter in your life we will bring you the solution that will be appropriate to your need. A question about your retirement pension in Switzerland? Are you going to be 65 years old?

A professional could explain to you the three pillar system in Switzerland and why it's important nowadays to save money for your future retirement. Don't hesitate to contact us: it is free and you will get in touch with an expert.

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Is saving money for your retirement important for you? If so, you can complete our online form. A counselor will contact you to make you a free offer without commitment.

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