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Are you interested to get a credit in Switzerland? Benefit from our online offer and get a free quote. From 3,000 to 300,000 CHF. Contact us!
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Do you need a loan for a project? Would you like to buy a new car or just renovate your house? If you have a project in mind we can provide you the financing that you need to reach your goal. Just complete our form if you want to get a credit in Switzerland: we will make you a free non-binding offer.

Is that a common loan request in Switzerland?

Personal loans are more and more popular in our country. Indeed, one person over three has already requested a credit in Switzerland during his life. By making a personal loan, you could benefit from the following advantages:

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Are you interested to get a credit in Switzerland? Credit-service can help you. We will first analyse your financial situation and then we will help you to establish a loan record that we will submit to the bank. In order to make you a loan offer that will be advantageous, we will negotiate with the bank in order to revise your interest rate downwards. Are you interested in a credit in Switzerland? Why not filling in our form? We will make you a free offer without commitment.

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You would like to request a credit in Switzerland in order to finance a project that is important to you? By filling in our form, you can reach your goal. Don't hesitate to resort to our services for a loan. We will do a free quote without commitment.

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Lending a loan is forbidden if it leads to over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art, 3 of Swiss LCD). Calculation example: a 10,000 Chf loan with an interest rate of 5.90% to 9.90% gives a total cost for 12 months of 313 to 520 Chf