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Have you planned to be an owner? It's sometimes difficult for the new buyers to know which financing solution to choose. Is it better to request a home loan or to get a mortgage? Facing these questions only a professional would be able to answer you, depending on your situation. That's why we suggest that you call an estate agent. He will make an analysis of your situation and then propose to you a financing solution.

What are the differences between a credit and a mortgage?

When you are buying a new house the question is: what can I afford in terms of property financing? Indeed, getting a property is a long term commitment that will engage you for many years. In Switzerland, you have the possibilities to get a mortgage or to make a credit. Even if the mortgage is more popular than the credit, it can be a good idea to think twice before making one. The process to get a mortgage is often long and you will have to submit a lot of papers in order to be accepted. Moreover, the house won't belong to you but to the bank. If you are opting for a home loan instead, the property will be all yours. Furthermore, you don't need to justify yourself if you want to resale it after a couple of years. Are you interested to get a home loan? Complete our online form. A specialist will make you a non-binding offer.

Do you need a credit?

Have you found the property of your dreams? Are you now wondering how to finance it? Specialized in the credit field for many years, Credit-service can give you a hand. We will put you in touch with a professional who will make you a non-binding offer for a home loan. So feel free to fill in our online form. This does not commit you to anything.

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Would you like to request a home loan to finance your future property? Why not appeal to a specialist who can analyse your situation and then make you a non-binding offer? This does not commit you to anything.

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Lending a loan is forbidden if it leads to over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art, 3 of Swiss LCD). Calculation example: a 10,000 Chf loan with an interest rate of 5.90% to 9.90% gives a total cost for 12 months of 313 to 520 Chf