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What does it mean if you amortize a mortgage? A specialist will answer this question and advise you for free on the best solution. Contact us!
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Have you planned to finance your real estate throughout a mortgage? Have you already thought about the expense when you amortize a mortgage? We are proposing to you some explanation as well as the possibility to have a free appointment with a specialist.

What is the meaning of amortizing a mortgage?

In the case of a mortgage, real estate is financed partially by the owner (minimum 20% of the deposit) and partially by the bank. So we consider that a part of the property belongs to the bank. A person has to pay a fixed monthly cost (on the interest rate, whether it is a fixed rate or a variable one), but can also reimburse the mortgage, this is called an amortization.

Direct or indirect?

There exists 2 ways to amortize a mortgage: direct amortization and indirect amortization. Every method possesses its own advantages. Explanations:

Which type to choose?

When you amortize, it's important not to commit any mistakes. Which type of amortization should you choose? A ready-made solution does not exist and on is not necessarily better than an other: all depends on your situation. At Credit-service we can propose you in case of interest, a free contact with a specialist. Don't hesitate to take advantage from his services to expose your situation and get a personalised advice.

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