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Did you plan on buying a house in Switzerland? Are you wondering how to finance it? The majority of the Swiss citizens are requesting a mortgage to banks. This solution will allow you to pay your house bit by bit and you won't have to be worried about time limits like with a loan. Would you like to have more information about the conditions to obtain a mortgage? An estate agent will tell you what documents are necessary to get accepted by a bank. Feel free to fill in our form for more information.

What is the procedure to buy a house in Switzerland?

A lot of people who buy a house in Switzerland resort to a mortgage in order to finance their purchase. Indeed, with this financing solution you will have the possibility to extend your reimbursement time limit. If you are a new buyer and you don't know which bank has the best mortgage interest rate, we suggest you to consult a professional. He will inform you about these topics:

Need an advice to buy a house in Switzerland?

Buying a house in Switzerland is a big step involving a lot of financial commitment. That's why it's important to make the right choice its financing. Whether it's a house loan or a mortgage, if you need some advice on the subject Credit-service can put you in touch with a professional. He will analyse your financial situation and then make you a mortgage offer that will be appropriate to your needs and your budget. Are you interested in getting a non-binding offer for free? Complete our online form.

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Have you decided to buy a house in Switzerland? A specialist will provide you with judicious advice about how to get a mortgage. So don't hesitate to fill in our online form. He will make you a free quote without commitment.

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